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Why Choose Us

The following features unpin our services.

1. Expert team

Our Directors and Counsellors hold considerable global experience in education and career counselling, having worked overseas and in Nepal. Our team at Vivid is a synergetic assembly of PIER-recognized/TITI-trained education counsellors, Australian qualified Migration advisors, Nepalese academicians, social entrepreneurs, and individuals who are knowledgeable in the education and migration systems of Nepal and Australia, and a number of other countries. Armed with right skills and knowledge, we are well-positioned to give you the best advice and support you may need.

Our expert services include:

Visa requirements: advice most appropriate visa, documents needed, options for pathways and all related information.

Advice on the scope of educational courses in Australia and overseas for jobs, or for the purpose of permanent residency. We will advise an ideal course for you or find a way around to the one that matches your interests!

2. Well-resourced IELTS/PTE preparatory classes

The high standard of our English preparatory classes are demonstrated by the extraordinarily successful outcomes of our past students both in IELTS and PTE. Students enrolled for our English classes find our training resources of high standard, our instructors friendly and knowledgeable in their field and the course itself very well-structured and practical - all at incredibly low fees.

Some highlights of our IELTS preparation regime are:

Instructions are delivered by overseas-trained and experienced professional expatriates including a native British instructor.

Proven and effective six- weeks IELTS/PTE course plan, meticulously designed by our IELTS/PTE team of instructors.

In addition, we have:

customized preparatory course plans for those who are interested in specific modules, and

a crash course for those who are short of time.

Digital classrooms equipped with smartboard, and laptops for individual students,

Personalized coaching using materials developed in-house by our English instructors, and published materials,

Additional classes for English grammar, upon demand,

Generous collection of IELTS resources (accessible online for fee or hard copies, available in our library), and

Extra mock tests for exam appearing students.

3. Customized services

We offer tailor-made service to fit your needs. Our team is an assembly of individuals with extensive experience across a range of industries in Australia, Europe, USA and Nepal, and their combined expertise takes our service to a whole new level.

Our customised service involves:

Face-to-face counselling, where possible.

Open-to-all communications including phone, emails, Facebook and face-to-face interactions.

Complete help in choosing the most appropriate course and educational institutions.

Complete service in all common visas, including:

student visas, student dependent visas,

visitor visas (for parents, relatives and other business persons).

English courses (normal and crash course) for best possible IELTS/PTE outcome.

In-house and external information sessions and seminars.

4.Pre-departure briefing

VIVID team comprises experienced individuals who travel frequently between Nepal and Australia and other destinations. They have considerable first-hand experience in pre-departure briefings.

Our briefing session covers a wide range of essential information from pre-departure shopping in Nepal to initial settlement in Australia.

5. Maintaining post visa grant relation

Your relationship with us does not end with the decision regarding your visa application. Rather, we will support all your essential needs throughout the process of travel, if necessary, such as:

welcoming you at the Sydney airport,

airport pick-up and helping you find your accommodation,

other supports during the early days in Australia, and

further educational and migration advices, documents translations and testimony in Australia.

6. Safe and secure premises

We know the safety of our customers while in our office is paramount. That is why, we have taken the following measures to ensure you are in good hands on our office premises.

CCTV cameras are installed and operated round the clock covering potentially vulnerable parts of our office premises. These are monitored constantly by the senior executives on their laptops and mobiles.

We have Zero Tolerance policy on bullying and harassment, and any behaviour that is contrary to the Code of Conduct in the office premises.

We will take the matter seriously if it comes in our attention of any such mischievous act that makes you feel offended.

Your privacy and confidentiality is our top priority at all times.